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Small Tips to Improve Window Switcher Performance in Compiz

After using Sawfish for some time and seeing the amazing new effects provided by compiz-fusion, I switched to compiz-fusion. (I switch window managers about every two months ;–) ) Every thing goes smoothly. The installation of compiz-fusion on Arch is simple, no extra configuration for X is needed since I’ve used beryl before. It just works :–)

One feature I love for compiz & beryl is window switching: You get a preview of each window so it’s much easier to select the desired window. However, the switching operation is not quite smooth on my box no matter what window switcher I am using. I tried to change the configuration for the shift switcher and found that using none overlay icon dramatically increases the performance. I tried this on other window switchers and it also works. Anyway, the overlay icon is not very useful to me, so I can still be happy without it.

Another option I suggest to toggle on is Mipmaps. You will get much better preview without any noticeable performance degeneration.