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JDEE Compile Time Error: Buffer Is Read Only

JDEE compile time error: “buffer is read only”

I use JDEE to write Java programs in emacs. The problem I encountered is that when I compile the program(C-c C-v C-c), the JDEE compile buffer has nothing to display and actually nothing was compiled. The mini buffer is saying “buffer is read only”. After googled some articles, I solved the problem.

Open the file compile.el in /usr/share/emacs/lisp/progmodes, search “buffer-read-only”, change all the value to nil, then byte compile and reload it, things will be right now.

This solution surely is not very good. The compile buffer should be read only after things is displayed. I don’t know whether this is the problem of JDEE or of emacs, but since I can get things done now, it’s OK. Hope to find better solution later.