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Sunrise: A Really Useful Software for My Palm

I use Plucker a lot on my Palm. When I am using Windows, I use Plucker Desktop to make plucker document. However, I can’t compile Plucker with gtk support on Gentoo and I really don’t want to understand those configuration files to use Plucker, a GUI would be much simple and fast for me. Luckily there is Sunrise :–) This software is written in Java using the SWT toolkit. It also has a firefox plugin which is contained in the source code. You can build it use ant and later install it to firefox manually. It looks nice and is also very easy to use. The only problem is that when I include too many pictures in my document, it will encounter an error saying that not enough memory for the JVM.

Just try it if you have Palm and use Plucker, I love them so much!