Random Tech Thoughts

The title above is not random



COW is a HTTP proxy which can automatically identify blocked sites and use parent proxy to access.

COW 是一个利用二级代理帮助自动化翻墙的 HTTP 代理服务器。它能自动检测被墙网站,且仅对被墙网站使用二级代理。


shadowsocks-go is a lightweight tunnel proxy which can help you get through firewalls. It is a port of shadowsocks.


给 Address Book 里包含中文姓名的联系人添加拼音缩写作为昵称,方便在 iOS 和 Address Book 中搜索。


一个转换汉字到拼音的库,包含拼音数据制作脚本。提供 C, Objective-C 接口。


A password generation tool, using the same algorithm as One Shall Pass. Implemented as Chrome extension and standalone web page. Source code on GitHub.


Chrome and Safari extension run Instapaper bookmarklet from the toolbar.

iPhone/iPad screen test

A simple web page which displays single color on iPhone/iPad, so you can check whether there’s bad pixels on the screen. Source code is on GitHub.


Filter ads or extract full article for RSS feed. Has Ruby and LuaNginx implementation. You can use this project as a base if you want to do the same thing.


An example program which records shared memory access order using the algorithm proposed in my paper Scalable Deterministic Replay in a Parallel Full-system Emulator.