Random Tech Thoughts

The title above is not random


Here are various tips for

  • OS X and Linux system usage
  • Tools that I use

Those tips are collected from various articles I read, the original sources of these tips are listed in my notes. (Hope I didn’t forget to include the source.)

I started to take notes after using Mac, and I find that Spotlight helps me to keep this a habit. Spotlight allows me to open the specific note very very fast (control-space —> file name —> enter). I’m lazy, if I can’t open the note in 5 seconds, then I will just use my unreliable memory.

I take notes in English because (please bear my English mistakes)

  • Most of the technical articles I read are written in English
  • It’s much faster to type in English

These notes are taken in Markdown format using MacVim, published by Octopress. If you think something is worth mentioning here, send me email. I use gmail, my id is cyfdecyf.